the brick house

February 21st, 2008
Below are pictures taken during the inspection of our 1950’s REO property.
Hurray for foreclosure!



    1. Mary T. on 03/03/2008:

      That bathroom is fantastic. Promise me you won’t rip out that tile that you can’t get anywhere anymore! Great house in general.

    2. letting it all hang out on 03/03/2008:

      oh never! we love the retro features and tile – thats what sold us on the house.


    3. Megan H on 08/29/2012:

      Can I just say that I’m a first-timer on your blog and I love it. I also love your new kitchen – its seriously awesome. Mine was horribly made over by some previous owners and I’m so jealous of your tile, color scheme and cabinets. And the light – ugh! You are a lucky lady! =) Congrats on your new house!

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